A group of international experts

Discussing the latest scientific and clinical insights

Translating science into clinical practice

Educational programmes supporting healthcare professionals

Sharing best practice from international centres of excellence

Responding to topics that matter most

Providing critical reviews of relevant papers

Collaborating with oncologist associations around the world

Sharing new data from congresses and meetings

A dynamic and evolving suite of educational resources

HCC CONNECT is a multidisciplinary group of independent international experts in the field of liver cancer, aiming to identify and develop educational programmes for healthcare professionals

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Discuss the latest scientific and clinical insights in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and the implications for clinical practice
  • Explore the role of biomarkers in HCC
  • Discuss efficacy, toxicity and safety profiles of new treatment regimens for HCC, and how these could potentially be implemented in daily clinical practice

Independent Educational Grant

The programme has been developed and designed by COR2ED. The experts are solely responsible for the content and conduct of the programme. Influence by the supporter is therefore not possible, as this conflicts with the necessary independent nature of the programme. The Independent Educational Grant format emphasises the independent nature of the programme.