Podcast: HCC Highlights from ASCO and WCGIC 2021

In this HCC CONNECT podcast Dr Su Pin Choo discusses the latest news and clinical implications in hepatocellular carcinoma presented at the recent 2021 ASCO and WCGIC congresses.

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Dr. Su Pin Choo, BMedSci, BMBS(Nottm), MRCP(UK), FAMS.

Curie Oncology and National Cancer Center in Singapore

In this episode, Dr Choo discusses some key abstracts presented during the virtual ASCO and WCGIC congresses in 2021.

Dr Choo comments that despite the promising and positive data with hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy (HAIC) in two different Phase 3 trials settings, the impact on clinical practice is still questionable.

Dr Choo reviews some updated data from IMbrave150 which is the study that validated atezolizumab+bevacizumab combination as the new standard of care in 1L setting for advanced HCC patients. In addition, real-world data from OPTIMIS and GIDEON studies, confirmed that sorafenib has still a role to play in 1L specifically in Child-Pugh B patients.

Dr Choo emphasises that biomarkers are urgently needed in HCC and summarises several studies investigating potential biomarkers that would require further investigation prior to clinical practice validation.

Finally, Dr Choo completes the overview by presenting a Japanese study that provides support for radio frequency ablation as an option, apart from surgery for patients with small HCC.