Appropriate selection of patients for combination immunotherapy in HCC: the now and the next

We recently delivered a virtual Experts Knowledge Share meeting discussing the “Appropriate selection of patients for combination immunotherapy in HCC: the now and the next”. Our faculty of international experts Prof. Peter Galle (Germany), Prof. Sammy Saab (USA) and Prof. Amit Singal (USA), were joined by participants from over 30 countries across the world. The slides from this meeting are now available for download.
Video Transcript

My name is Peter Galle, I’m a hepatologist from Mainz University Medical Centre in Germany.

Today we had an expert knowledge share. A meeting where Amit Singal from Texas, Sammy Saab from California and myself were discussing the most recent developments in hepatocellular carcinoma treatment.

We have the privilege that we have seen tremendous progress, over the last 5 or 6 years a really broad armamentarium of systemic therapeutic options and even combinations have emerged and they are really in the end helping us to treat our patients and show better efficacy and also better tolerability.

We have highlighted the issues, which come along this complex disease which is particularly also the problem of underlying liver cirrhosis making this disease very complex and the patient very vulnerable.

The multidisciplinary team approach is here the way of choice, in order to offer the patient the best choices amongst the different disciplines which comprises surgeons, interventional radiologists, oncologists and hepatologists.

Please join this dataset, you can go through the presentations all which have been prepared and I hope that this will help you to improve the treatment of your patients in everyday routine and thank you very much for your interest.